Sunday, 29 June 2008

SOLD!! HP Photosmart D5160!!!

Again this is brand new!
I'm still using the original ink cartridges.
I love this printer and if no-one buys it, I'll take it with me.
It's got the main tray, the photo tray and the cd tray.
It has also got a usb port (to plug a pen drive for example) and a set of memory card readers.
It prints directly from the memory stick/card/camera if necessary.

I'm very pleased with it and I'm only selling it because I must travel light.

SOLD! Kitchen utensils

Plastic, wooden or metal.
The rolling pins were only used once and the brush is brand new.
The hammer was used a few times.
The garlic crusher is very good and will last for 20 years.

SOLD! All my cutlery!

Yes, I'm selling all the cutlery.

SOLD! 6 designer glasses

I bought these in Habitat because I fell in love with them. The glass is so thin and light!
This is a really good buy!
Another thing I'm very sad to let go.

SOLD! wine glasses + 6 flutes

DI can't live in a house with no glasses.
Even if I don't use them. I love glasses. I have so many glasses back home. Sometimes I dream that I even dream that I'm buying glasses.
I rarely drink wine and I hate champagne. But you never know when there's a special occasion.
The flutes are still boxed and with the original price tag (£9.99). They were used once.

SOLD! chopper - cheap!!

If there's a thing all kitchens must have, it's a chopper/blender/whatever-you-call-this-in-english.
I used it a lot and the lid is cracked but it still works fine and the blade is very sharp.

Electric Kettle

This is one of the best bargains here!
My electric kettle. the make is Moulinex and the element is concealed. I bought this maybe 2 years ago and it still works fine. It's very robust and functional.
I'm very sad for letting this one go but I already have a new one in Portugal.

Fan heater - cheap as chips!!

I moved to this flat in January.
The flat only had one storage heater working and that meant that sometimes the place was as cold as outside. My first night here was horrible. I had to sleep with lots of cloths on, gloves, wooly hat...
So I bought this fan-heater that i'm selling really cheap. Why? Well, we're in the sumer (apparently) and no-one wants to buy heaters now.
Only bikinis.

Saturday, 28 June 2008

SOLD! 2 frying pans

I've used these frying pans a lot. The little one is god for frying eggs and the big one is deep enough for deep-frying chips or fish cakes.

SOLD! Stainless Steel Stockpot

"Our stainless steel cookware not only looks terrific - It's non-corrosive, durable and great value too. This generously sized pan has a tempered glass lid making it an ideal choice for slow cooking!"

I never used this pan. which is a shame, really...
I bought it because I wanted to change my diet and start eating soups.
Can you imagine that? ME? Making soup???

2 Pyrex salad bowls

I bought these bowls because I like to bake and they're ideal to prepare the dough. They're resistant and multi-functional.
They are also great to serve salads!

SOLD! 12 Piece Terrace Dinner Set

" Ideal for everyday living, the Terrace collection lends simple sophistication to any meal thanks to durable porcelain and a quietly understated design!"

this is from Marks&Sparks as well...

SOLD! 3-piece saucepan set

"Complete with a durable construction, our stainless steel cookware have riveted handles for extra strength, while the encapsulated base ensures even heat distribution."*